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If you’re looking for a quality integrated washing machine that delivers on versatility, then the Neff W5440X1GB is a great 7kg model to consider. The user gets all of the standard programmes, plus a few special programmes and it also has a good se...
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...even cooking across all shelves, there’s tons of cool tech out there to help make cooking that bit more pleasurable. Look out for Neff’s Slide and Hide ovens, or any brand that has a specially designed fan to cook multiple dishes, at once, with no transfer of flavours. We e...
...sic microwave from around £30, going up to more than £500 for built-in microwaves from premium brands such as Neff or Siemens. Combination microwaves Combination microwaves use convection heating (fanned hot air) and come with grills. So you can use microwaves...
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