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Action-Packed Battles;Beautifully Desolate Open-World Masterfully Crafted Story and Characters;Elements of an RPG;Utilise the Pod Support System to Assist In and Outside of Battle
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New airport-quarter (4 times larger than all previous quarters) 6 new missions 4 new vehicles and tools In Demolition Company you take control of a demolition company. Your first task is to master your equipment at your test site and then see what jobs are available at the various construction sites found in the city. In the Gold Edition you get everything the original version has plus a airport-area (4 times larger than all previous areas), 6 missions and a vehicle! Take control of a large selection of detailed construction and demolition machines and reduce old buildings to rubble using powerful equipment s
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Mad Games Tycoon Rating pending BUILD UP YOUR OWN GAMES EMPIRE Form your own game studio in the early 1980s starting in a small garage. Develop your own game concepts, create a team and develop megahit video games. Research new technologies, train your staff, upgrade your offices, moving up to bigger and better locations. Expand your business and dominate the world market for video games! Manage the various aspects of your company From being able to produce your own games in-house to buying up your competitors, the game allows for total control of your game company and the direction you wish to take it in. Develop the games of your dreams You are given the freedom to develop the game of your dreams. Develop or buy a someone else's game engine and create a simple Platformer or the next big MMORPG. You can set your main focus on graphics, sound, technique and gameplay. Choose between core and casual gamers as the targeted audience for your game. Should your game have Copy Protection? Want to use an offical Movie License for your game? This only a few of the possibilities for you to develop your own groundbreaking, best selling game. Build your office from scratch You can arrange your office by your own imagination. Build development, server, training, or production rooms and your own executive office. Place some desks, cabinets and plants to keep your employees happy. There are a lot of objects and rooms to create a personalized and effective office. Build a customer support office to keep the fans happy, build warehouses and production rooms to make and produce your own games in bulk, setting the prices and deciding what to include. FEATURES Start your own game development studio Create your own dream games Build multiple development rooms and become a prolific game studio! Buy out your competition, make improvements and have them make games for you. Cut deals with publishers or produce your own Show your new hit games off at the games convention to attract fans Tons of genres, features and topics Research new technologies More than 120 different game screenshots Hire game design legends Train your employees and make industry defining games Create a next-gen engine and sell it to other companies for profit Buy new and larger office buildings More then 100 licenses to base your games on Develop and sell your own AAA Engine Produce a next-gen game console Platforms: PC /Mac Categories: Strategy , Simulator , Mac , Indie Publisher: Toplitz Productions Developer: Eggcode Release: 12th Sep 2016 23:00 (UTC+01:00) DRM: Steamworks (Requires a third-party download and account) Languages: English French German Japanese Russian Spanish Italian Traditional Chinese Portuguese Polish Korean Simplified Chinese Czech Dutch Hungarian
ATOM RPG is a post-apocalyptic indie game, inspired by classic CRPGs: Fallout, Wasteland, System Shock, Deus Ex, Baldur's Gate and many others.In 1986 both the Soviet Union and the Western Bloc were destroyed in mutual nuclear bombings. You are one of the survivors of the nuclear Holocaust. Your mission - to explore the wild and wondrous world of the Soviet Wasteland. To earn your place under the sun. And to investigate a shadowy conspiracy, aimed at destroying all that is left of life on Earth.
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PEGI Content Descriptors:Violence, PEGI Rating:16, ESRB Rating:Teen (13+), Multiplayer:Internet, ESRB Content Descriptors:Violence, alcohol reference, tobacco reference, mild suggestive themes, Supported OS:Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Hardware Requirements:Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7 - 2.4 GHz - RAM 1 GB - HD 5 GB, Additional Requirements:Mouse or compatible device, CD-ROM, keyboard, DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card, 256 MB video memory , DirectX 9.0c or later
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<p>Two years after the death of his father, Overlord Krichevskoy, the demon prince Laharl awakens to discover that the Netherworld is in turmoil.</p>
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