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At S21, we've picked the 3 best washing machines of 2016 for under £300 in the UK.
27th May, 2016
What most people want from a washing machine is for it to be cheap and reliable. But is a cheap washing machine ever going to be the most reliable? You already know the answer! Th...
6th February, 2014
...er the first wash, or cost an arm and a leg to run. Especially since you’ll probably be forking out well over £150 for one. In this […] The post The 7 Best Cheap Washing Machines 2016 In The UK appeared first on Sensible
7th February, 2016
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... the fibre of clothes. Photograph: Melissa Carroll/Getty Images Marc Lockley Thursday 13 March 2014 07.00Â GMT Last modified on Friday 14 March 2014 09.06Â GMT Washing machines used to be straightforward, but now you can choose from a whole host of functions and settin...
Washing machine buying guide Buying a washing machine can pose a dilemma. With the bewildering array of features and functions, all aimed at making the washing process more effective and energy efficient, which one do you choose? Here are some key points to consider before...
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