Bossons 1958 Pottery Liberian Dancer - New Price

by Unknown

Liberian Dancer Modern Pottery Wall Figure by Bossons of EnglandProduced in 1958Sold for 1 year onlySculpted by Colin Melbourne ARCAThe complete set comprises of - Bullfighter, Liberian Dancer, Spanish Dancers (man & woman), Indian Dancer and Jazz Figures. 10 inches highI have two Liberian Dancers available. In mint condition & in original boxesClassed as Rare by the Bossons collectors siteI can not find another for sale anywhere, but have found what one sold for in America in 2010, which was $187 on - www.antiquesnavigator.comHappy to split and sell as singles. A125 each or A220 for both ono. - For Sale  read more
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