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Established by a group of dedicated book lovers, World of Books sell quality used books to millions of customers worldwide and have seen inventory grow from 1,000 books to over 2 million in stock.

I'll Never Be French (no matter what I do): Living in a Small Village in Brittany


Last recorded on: 04th Dec 2017

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The Ultimate Guide for Buying an Exercise Bike – What Matters and What Doesn’t?

Indoor Training Bikes

Exercise bikes have been available on the market for decades, they represent an accessible alternative to the gym and a hassle-free way of getting rid of those pesky extra pounds....

Snowboard Buying Guide | Free UK Delivery* on All Orders from Surfdome


...yle will suit you. Entry level snowboards are best suited to beginners. They have a soft flex which makes them easy to manoeuvre and perfect for those just starting out. These boards are predictable in terms of how they steer and function making them perfect for picking up ......

Buying MIDI Controller | What is a MIDI Controller | Music Matter

Music Matter

... is a well established protocol that sends small bits of information between hardware and software - or between software and software - in virtually any combination and...
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