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A simple, affordable, two-slot toaster that seems basic compared with others, even similar budget models
30th November, 2015
An unusual but stunning-looking toaster made of glass – watch your toast as it browns
30th October, 2015
A large, chunky-looking toaster with a love-or-loathe-it design that looks to be inspired by the dashboard of a vintage car
28th October, 2015
An affordable four-slice toaster with an attractive design and good features for the price
30th October, 2015
Cheap as chips but small slots and uneven browning mean the Swan is a bit of an ugly duckling
30th November, 2015
A compact, stylish two-slice toaster with a clever pop-up warming rack
27th October, 2015
This compact toaster has a motorised lift – so your bread descends at the touch of a button and then ascends as toast.
30th November, 2015
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