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...many, a good washing machine is all they feel they need and are happy to hang out the washing to dry.… The post Our Top 5 Best Buy Tumble Dryers appeared first on
2nd June, 2017
...actors that can make this less than ideal. Taking the clothes to a line and hanging them adds effort… The post Our Top 5 Condenser Tumble Dryers (including Heat Pump...
4th June, 2017
Outstanding efficiency and great drying
14th January, 2017
...or washing and drying their laundry. However, the living circumstances of many of us will mean that this is just not an option and washer/dryer combo machines offer a good...
11th August, 2016
A large-capacity tumble dryer that's incredibly energy
10th October, 2016
A money-no-object tumble dryer that delivers perfect
24th June, 2015
Heat pump tech makes this tumble dryer a smart
22nd June, 2015
...he laundry to dry. This can be a real inconvenience, and when the weather… The post Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Integrated Washer Dryer
29th May, 2017
A great mid-range tumble dryer for the average family
5th May, 2016
The Bosch WTA74200GB is a vented tumble dryer with the convenience of auto-dry. Simple to use with a choice of programmes and an LED display, it's a basic but...
1st November, 2016
The Bosch WTW863S1GB tumble dryer is a condenser dryer that uses a heat pump to achieve huge electricity savings, with an energy efficiency rating of...
24th October, 2016
The White Knight 44AW is a very economical vented tumble dryer. Simple to use, with a timed drying cycle and 2 heat settings, it will dry a family-sized laundry load...
20th October, 2016
Plenty of features and low running
30th April, 2017
The finest washer/dryer we've ever
13th September, 2016
Is Dyson's £300 hair dryer worth the
1st August, 2016
A versatile washer dryer for less than
18th July, 2014
Indesit's Innex washer-dryer offers reasonable washing and drying results for smaller
28th November, 2016
An effective washer dryer, but it costs more to run than dedicated washing
7th February, 2014
...ear, and that goes for children and pets as well as grown ups. Whether we’re hosting parties or just engaging in a bit of rough and tumble on the lawn, you can’t...
26th June, 2017
Black Friday is upon us! Will you dare to brave the shops and online stores for the best deals as they tumble in price throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday? TVs are a...
24th November, 2016
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