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An excellent budget vacuum that rocks at carpets
16th October, 2016
On the market today there is such a variety of vacuums to choose from. You can buy vacuums that are upright, cordless, canister, robotic, handheld or stick just to name a few. And each of these typ...
24th March, 2017
Karcher's compact bagless cleaner offers big power but it isn't without its issues.
1st March, 2017
Vax's flagship cordless cleaner fails to impress despite its high asking price
3rd January, 2017
Give your floor a scrub and a mop without lifting a finger
30th December, 2016
It's a Dihl breaker
6th November, 2016
A great bagless Miele
3rd March, 2017
Hoover's Freedom is an affordable cordless cleaner, but poor performance fails to delivery great cleaning results
26th February, 2017
A great cleaner for all floor types
1st November, 2016
A slightly crude but powerful and versatile cleaner
17th January, 2017
A bagless upright packing a big motor for a small outlay, but...
26th November, 2016
Dogs are some of the most loving and affectionate pets you can own, but they do have one sworn enemy: vacuum cleaners.
28th April, 2017
The Vax Air Lift Steerable U84-AL-Pe is a versatile vacuum that comes at a good price. It comes ready to vacuum the entire home, plus it has one of the more user-friendly designs that you will find. In ...
23rd September, 2016
The Vax Energize Vibe C86-E2-Be is a compact cylinder vacuum that does a nice job for cleaning smaller areas. It is a bagless vacuum with a range of cleaning tools that can help the user with cleaning fro...
23rd July, 2016
The HW-H750 is a soundbar with a vacuum tube amplifier for richer sound. A Bluetooth connection enables the soundbar to be used wirelessly with a compatible Samsung TV.
12th January, 2015
The Dyson V6 range of handheld cordless vacuum cleaners was introduced in the Spring of 2015 as an improvement of the previous “DC” series of cordless vacuums. All V6 models feat...
28th February, 2017
The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead is a cylinder vacuum that provides great results and it has a user-friendly design. It comes loaded with a nice selection of design elements that make it one of the...
25th September, 2016
With its compact size and convenient features, the Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor is a great machine for a number of cleaning jobs. This upright vacuum delivers remarkable cleaning power in a compact package, and it is made to be… The post Dyson Small Ball Review appeared first on .
24th September, 2016
With powerful suction and the ability to turn into a handheld, the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum is one of the best stick vacuums that you will find. It can work on all surfaces and it is designed to be one… The post Dyson V6 Absolut...
22nd September, 2016
The Zanussi ZAN3002EL is designed to be an option for people that are looking for a smaller, lighter cylinder vacuum. The lower weight makes it easy to pull around as you clean and this model delivers on the strong suction.… The post Zanussi ZAN3002EL R...
25th July, 2016
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