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The PS4 Pro looks like a turbocharged version of the original PS4, and that's exactly what it is. The Pro has more powerful hardware and supports 4K games...
Sony has ignored its rival's attempts to take over the living room, as Microsoft integrates media services such as television into the Xbox One. Inste...
Sony goes premium with its surround sound, 3D audio gaming headset, but is it worth the money? 130 £130 inc VAT 16 Feb 2017
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The Playstation 4 is a gaming console made by Sony. The PS4 is renowned for fantastic graphics and gameplay across a range of hugely popular titles and also providing a whole entertainment system in one dev...
...e November 15, UK/EU release November 29  – Price $399/£349/€399 (PlayStation Camera/PS4 Eye sold separately – $60/£45) Multimedia and the PlayStation Store A lot of what you’ll b...
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