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Kindle de Amaozn writer ni tensin (Japanese Edition)
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Cat Tree Cat Crown Sisal post 20cmØ! Super Amaozn Promo. Cat bed and scratcher
Cat Tree Cat Crown XL is a steady cat tree with 20cm thick sisal pol and bottumplate of 50x50x3,5 cm which is made very heavy. Even the 20cm thick sisal post goes with 4 screws in the bottum plate for the most steady construction. Also here the best materials are used and even for cats as Maine Coon and Ragdoll this cat tree has long scratching lenght of 83 cm Next to this it is a beautiful item in your interior. With his hight from 100 cm a perfect place to look over the room or out the window. Color: Anthracite / Pillow Anhracire Measures: Bottum plate: 50 x 50 en 3,5 cm thick. Hight: 100 cm. Sisal poles: 1 x 80cm long and 20 cm diameter with wooden fittings made with 4 screws in the bottum plate Lying place : 40cm (Pillow of 5cm thick included) Important: All parts off this cat tree you can order as a spare.So if in the future something happens you can order the spare part of the cat tree. (Unique with all cat trees of brand RHRQuality) European Quality production from RHRQuality. Dutch design
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