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Balancing Board
Material: PP (polypropylene) Max. Weight: 100kg Packaging: Colour Box
Balance board
Build core strength and better coordination with the non-slip Balance Board. The constant motion of the board will challenge and engage every muscle,...
Balance Board
Motion trains your balance and body feeling. The 3 colourful wooden balls should be rolled through the labyrinth using feet and legs. Balance and patience will be...
Balance Board
The Firstaid4sport Light weight strong wobble board is ideal to train your way back to full fitness and to integrate balance into every aspect of sports performance...
Invero Nintendo Wii Fit 6 in 1 Exercise Fitness Pack for Wii Balance Board includes Yoga Mat Skipping Rope Silicon Case Mini Weights and Battery Pack
This pack is brilliant for those with a Wii Fit board, it comes with a yoga mat which you can use with the Wii or even take to the gym, it also come with a skipping rope which can...
Rola Bola Balance Board
Rola Bola Artistik/Balance BoardBalance Board made of plywood with rubber coating on the upper and bottom, for the firm hold of the wheel as well as extra grip for...
Air Balancing Board
Adjustable balancer with a pleasant feel. Let some air out if it's too tricky.
Air Balance Board
A new and wholly unique balancing board for play and rehabilitation.. The board consists of a hard plastic surface with non-skid elevations in artificial rubber to...
Tone Fitness Balance Board
Low impact workout tool;Non-slip surface provides a safe, stable surface for exercises;Portable and lightweight so it's easy to take when traveling;Great for body weight and...
Erzi Balance Balancing Board Game
Erzi Balance Balancing Board Game
Sissel Balance Board
An economical wobble board Improve balance, strengthen core muscles and proprioception Made from lightweight plastic material Complete with exercise chart Stimulates...
Precision Training balance board is made from heavy duty plastic and ideal for sports performance or rehabilitation training.
Tunturi Balance Board
Tunturi Balance Board
Balance Board Sveltus
Gonge Giant Balancing Board
Good for training balance encourages social interaction Very high quality Good for spinning and stimulating the vestibular sense Maximum load 60 kgs., Manufacturer: Gonge
Pedalo ® Balance Board
Pedalo Balance Board
Gorilla Sports Balance Board
Balance board for coordination training Training with the Balance Board improves muscle coordination, provides improved postural...
Sissel Pilates Balance Board
Sissel Pilates Balance Board
Legler Balance Board
Wooden Balance Board
Thera-Band Balance Board
Thera-Band Balance Board for progressive balance training. Made of molded plastic. Offer security and versatility in the form of an anti-slip bottom.
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