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DeWalt DXCMLA4708065 80-Gallon Stationary Air Compressor
Product Features: Features a durable, one piece cast iron crankcase with reliable Swedish stainless steel flex leaf valves Includes a large intake air filter and silencers for cooler operation...
DeWalt DXCMLA3706056 60-Gallon Stationary Air Compressor
Product Features: Features a twin-cylinder pump with a durable, one piece cast iron crank case, reliable stainless steel valves and automotive style ball bearings and a 12" cast iron enclosed...
DeWalt Dewalt DT1163 SERIES 30 Stationary Circular Saw Blades
Specifications of the dewalt ddt1163 blade diameter: 315 mm bore size: 30 mm plate thickness: 2.2 mm kerf thickness: 3.2 mm tooth count: 24 grind geometry alternate top bevel rake angle: +10 ....
DeWalt DT1159-QZ Circular Saw Blade Stationary 250 x 30mm 48T
Robust carbide, circular saw blade for precision ground cutting angles on softwood, hardwood, MDF, plywood and reclaimed wood. Excellent blade sharpness and faster cutting make it ideal for...
DEWALT DT1159 SERIES 30 Stationary Circular Saw Blades 250mm
IDEABRIGHT LTD Description DEWALT DT1159 SERIES 30 Stationary Circular Saw Blades 250mm - Wedge shoulder protects carbide from nail impact - For all circular saws - Strong and durable for all...
DeWalt Drill Holster
Tough and durable drill holster built to withstand the riggers of the building site. Leather strap and quick-release buckle holds the drill securely in place. Designed for left or right handed...
DeWalt DT4287-QZ Extreme Circular Saw Blade Stationary 250 x 30mm 80T
Specifications of the dewalt dt4287 blade diameter: 250 mm bore size: 30 mm kerf thickness: 3,2 mm tooth count: 80 grind geometry: triple chip rake angle: -5 these dewalt circular saw blades...
Dewalt DT1926 355 x 25.4 mm Metal Cutting Stationary Saw Blade with 66 Tooth - Yellow/Black
These new metal cutting saw blades from DeWalt feature a new brazing technology which will increase the lifespan of your blade as well as making it more accurate to use. Important information...
DeWalt DeWALT DT4331 Saw Blade Stationary SERIES 60 305mm x 60T ABT (3mm) GP Cut
Specifications of the dewalt dt4331 blade diameter: 305 mm bore size: 30 mm plate thickness: 2,2 mm kerf thickness: 3,0 mm tooth pitch: 16,0 mm tooth count: 60 grind geometry alternate top...
DEWALT DT4288 SERIES 40 Stationary Circular Saw Blade - 305mm x 30mm - 80T
The Dewalt DT4288 mitre saw blade is manufactured from a high precision laser which ensures a flat blade body. The large tungsten carbide tips can be resharpened from 10 to 15 times.
Dewalt DW682K Circular SAW
IDEABRIGHT LTD Description DEWALT DW682K Biscuit Jointer 240V Rack and pinion control provides precise vertical adjustment and fence alignment Fixed cutting depths for 0, 10, 20 and...
DeWALT D 21160 - power drills
Trapano ad Angolo 350W, trapano rotativo ideale per applicazioni in spazi ristretti. Il design compatto e leggero permette un'ottima manegevolezza. Interruttore a staffa lungo tutto il corpo:...
Advanced DeWalt Metal Drill Sets --
These metal drillbit setscontain drillbitssuitable for portable or stationary drilling of steel, alloyed and non alloyed up to 900N/mm.They are particularly suited to drilling sheet or thin...
DeWALT DWD014S - power drills
Weight: 13.54 lbs., Manufacturer: DEWALT
DeWALT DWD112S - power drills
Weight: 3.53 lbs., Manufacturer: DeWALT
DeWALT D21805KS power drill - power drills
Percussion drill screwdriver 13mm 770 Watts 2 speed Dewalt D21805KS screwdriver percussion drill 13 mm in diameter Bote transmission speeds at both more torque in some applications Motor...
DeWALT DWD221 - power drills
Weight: 5.07 lbs., Manufacturer: DeWALT
DeWalt D27300 Planer Thicknesser
DeWalt professional Planer Thicknesser with the following features:High quality robust design planer thickness. No-volt release switch, motor overload protection and cutter block guard for safe...
DeWalt Combi SDS Drill Pack 18v
Kit contains the following: Compact Hammer Drill, SDS 3-Mode Hammer, TSTAK VI Kit Box|2 x 4ah 18v Batteries included
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