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OPP 1371; OPERA D'ORO - Stati Uniti; Classica Lirica
Release Date: 1996-12-03, Audio CD, Whirled Records -- Touchwood -
Pages: 640, Paperback, Simon & Schuster Ltd
Time magazine called him the 'Man of the 20th Century'. His enormous contributions to physics made him one of the greatest scientists of all time. A German born theoretical physicist, Albert...
This book, originally published in 1921, is written as an introduction of the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein. Moszkowski wrote the book in a way simple to understand for...
What happens if the capacities of four scientists get downloaded into one computer? The joined brain will be able to solve the most complicated tasks at a rapid race. What if the creative...
A comic novel about the meaning of life and the end of the world. And dogs.When Charlie wakes in the middle of the night to discover an alien in his house, he is more than a little alarmed. But...
Audio CD, Opra d Oro
Paperback, Quelle Histoire
En la primera biografia completa de Albert Einstein escrita con acceso a todos sus archivos, Walter Isaacson logra un extraordinario retrato del personaje y de su epoca y un fascinante...
Einstein 2012
Audio CD, Videoradio
Einstein's Beets
Pages: 784, Edition: 01, Hardcover, Fantagraphics
Einstein Keyring
Einstein Keyring - Double-sided image keychain. Our specialty is vintage and retro design sourced from our own vast library of original images. All keyrings are handmade to order.
Einstein's Lawn
Poetry. Science. Philosophy. "Stuart Bartow's EINSTEIN'S LAWN takes more than one leaf of grass from Whitman in creating a capacious, tender, and, finally, unifying field. He does this...
Einstein's Bones
Einstein's Bones begins as a simple hunting trip in Wyoming. John and Charlie have done it for many years. But this year's hunt turns into something special, something startling,...
Quoting Einstein
Albert Einstein is indisputably the most brilliant physicist of the 20th century. What many people don't know is that he was a man of deep conviction regarding many social issues....
Meet Einstein
Meet Einstein Light and gravity are concepts that preschoolers are ready to learn. This title lets you help them make the connections in everything they see and do, and teach them that...
Einstein's Gift
Einsteins Gift follows the life and work of Nobel laureate Dr. Fritz Haber, a man who risked everything for a country that never accepted him. Haber, a chemist who worked hard to enhance life,...
Feeding Einstein
Release Date: 2005-11-15, Audio CD, Embedded
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