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Pilates: BODYSOLID FOAM ROLLER The Foam Roller of Bodysolid is an accessory specifically designed for Pilates workout, and is...
Foam Roller
Foam Roller
Foam Roller
Foam Roller
Foam Roller in Blue
Easy to carry. Easy to clean. New textured surface. Durable maintains consistent structure. Great for Pilates, balance training and core function training. Made in Taiwan. Made from...
Foam Roller Boys
When Brendans hot roommate drags him to a foam party on campus, a sexy stranger ensures its more than the dance floor that ends up in a lather!Brendan is adamant that theres never...
Foam Rollers - Line
A range of 4 different soft foam rollers with strong plastic handles which are ideal for home decor or general craft use. Great for projects with children.
Boyz Toys Foam Roller
Homewares > Fancy Goods, Stationery & Toys Please contact us for addition Information.
Fitness Mad Foam Roller - -
Fitness Mad Foam Roller
Yoga Foam Roller
Dimensions: 33 x 14 cmIdeal for focus massages and to reduce muscle tensionIncreases stability and flexibility
Foam Rollers - 15cm, Blue
These Foam Rollers are used in physiotherapy, Pilates, yoga, fitness and rehabilitation.Available in two colours (White and Blue) and two lengths (10cm and 15cm).These excellent...
Annie Foam Rollers by Annie
Annie Foam Rollers by Annie
Foam Roller 12-inch
Economical Easy to use versatile ideal for coordination, mobility and strenght stretching aid and for improving stability for Sport, fitness and Physiotherapy
Theraband - Theraband Foam Roller 12
Theraband Foam Roller The Thera-Band Pro Foam Rollers are made of a highly durable closed-cell foam technology intended for use with the...
BackBaller Foam Roller
The BackBaller is specifically designed to self-treat muscles in your upper & lower back. Due to the stability & control offered it goes beyond & is now the foremost product to knead out all...
Nike Textured Foam Roller
The Nike Textured Foam Roller helps smooth and lengthen specific muscle groups, and it features a dense, ridged surface for increased flexibility and range of...
Nike Textured Foam Roller.
Regular massage is an essential component of the recovery routines of all athletes. The compression and release of rolling along this Nike foam roller post-exercise...
Foam Roller Workbook
Foam Roller Workbook
Half Foam Roller Deluxe
Activate deep core muscles, improve balance and posture with our Foam RollerTM Deluxe. This high-performance, professional roller is made of top-quality closed-cell...
Grenade Foam Roller Pink
The new Grenade Foam Roller is designed to get deep into your muscle tissue for a great massage
Pilates - Foam Roller [DVD]
Instructional fitness programme presented by Allan Menezes. The programme features a foam roller routine designed to increase stability for shoulder and hip joints,...
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