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Karcher - VC5 - Bagless Upright - Vacuum Cleaner
Forget cumbersome vacuum cleaners. The Karcher VC5 is a lightweight and compact cleaner, that is ideal if you are tight on space. With a space-saving design, its telescopic tubes...
Karcher - WD2 - Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
The Karcher WD2 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for every household cleaning job, from unblocking sinks to picking up dirt. This versatile vacuum can suck up liquid,...
Karcher - WD3 P DIY - Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Karcher WD 3 P Vac is a 1400w but only using 1000w, saving energy for superb pick up of wet & dry. Its power-tool triggered auto-start synchronises both tool and vac for superb dust...
Karcher WV1 Window Vacuum
The Karcher WV1 is a quick and easy way to clean, streak-free surfaces, in a lightweight and compact package. This rechargeable handheld vac has a powerful lithium-ion battery that can...
Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vacuum
The Karcher WV2 Plus is a quick and easy way to clean surfaces. This rechargeable vac has a lithium-ion battery that can clean up to 54 windows and other surfaces in one charge,...
Karcher Window Vacuum Hip Bag
Cleaning windows or other smooth surfaces around the home can require two hands, by storing the window vac in the holster whilst you clean, your window vac can always be kept within reach when...
Karcher WV5 Premium Window Vacuum
The WV5 Premium is the quick and easy way to streak-free surfaces around your home. This rechargeable vac is easy to use, with a lithium-ion battery it can clean up to 75 flat surfaces in just...
Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner Glass Cleaning Solution
Karcher glass cleaning solution sachets are the perfect way to mix the exact amount of solution without making a mess. The cleaning concentrate is to be diluted with 250ml of water...
Karcher Window Vacuum Premium Spray Bottle Set
The new premium spray bottle kit includes a size-adjustable pad holder, which means both wide and narrow windows can be wiped with ease. The Velcro fastening on the microfibre cloth makes it...
Karcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Car Brush Set
The car brush set consists of two suction brushes one with hard and one with soft bristles. The hard brushes are perfect for upholstered and carpeted surfaces, whereas the soft brush can be...
Karcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Replacement Filter Cartridge
The Karcher Cartridge Filter allows for both dry and wet vacuuming without the need to change the filter in between. It is compatible with all WD2 and WD3P machines. Suitable for use...
Karcher WV5 Window Vacuum Charging Station and Battery.
The Karcher WV5 Charging Station and Battery allows you to clean for longer than you have ever been able to before with your Window Vac. The convenient charging station gives you the...
Karcher - WD 4 Premium - Wet and Dry Multi Vacuum
WD4 Premium Multi Purpose Vacs are a must-have for DIY enthusiasts, theyre powerful and efficient, and make light work of everything from rubble and sawdust to sludge and spills. Our DIY Multi...
Karcher Pack of 2 Window Vacuum 170mm Replacement Blades
The blades of your narrow Window Vac head can easily be changed by simply pulling them out and sliding the new ones back in to place. Change your Window Vac blades if your old ones start to...
Karcher Paper Filter Bags for Wet & Dry Vacuum WD3
Paper filter bags with excellent filter capacity and high-tear resistance. Made from High Performance 2-Ply paper. High strength for reliable fine dust retention. Not suitable for use when...
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