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865 results for neff fridge freezer at Currys

NEFF  KI5852S30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
Keep your food chilled and frozen with the Neff KI5852S30G Integrated Fridge Freezer.Cooling technologyThe KI5852S30G helps to keep your food fresher for longer thanks to...
NEFF  KI7862F30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
Top features:- Fresher food for longer with FreshSense technology- NoFrost helps the freezer stay free from ice build-up- Freeze groceries fast with SuperFreeze, locking in nutrients-...
NEFF  K8524X7GB Integrated Fridge Freezer
For the best in cold storage, you need the Neff K8524X7GB Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer in your kitchen! As well as looking great with a stylish white finish, it offers...
NEFF  KI6873F30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
Top features:- VitaControl technology ensures optimum conditions for your food- SuperCool and SuperFreeze help chill new items faster- Fresh storage with a HydroFresh box and more room for your...
NEFF  KI7863D30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
Top features: - Fresher produce that lasts longer in the specially designed drawer - SuperCool and SuperFreeze for instant chilling - Temperature precision with VitaControl - Save on your...
NEFF  KI5872F30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
Top features:- Easy storage with plenty of space and different storage solutions- VitaControl technology uses sensors to maintain even temperatures throughout- Safe storage for up to 24 hours...
NEFF  KI5852F30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
The Neff KI5852F30G Integrated 50/50 Fridge Freezer provides all you could need for safe and simple everyday refrigeration.Intelligent sensorsKeep your refrigerator at the...
NEFF  KI5872S30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
Top features:- FreshSense technology keeps food fresher for longer with consistent temperatures- Low frost freezer means less maintenance- Get new groceries frozen faster with...
NEFF  KI6863F30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
Packed full of technologies to maintain the most optimum environment for your fresh food and produce, this Neff KI6863F30G Integrated Fridge Freezer will ensure an...
NEFF  KI5862S30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
Top features:- VitaControl keeps temperatures even for better food preservation - More storage space lets you keep plenty of food in great condition - Low frost freezer means less mess...
NEFF  Series 5 K3990X7GB American-Style Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel
The Neff Series 5 K3990X7GB American-Style Fridge Freezer has the style, storage space and features to make it a supremely cool fridge freezer. Super cool The...
NEFF G5624X7GB Integrated Freezer
Top features:- Large storage space means you'll be able to store plenty of food - Super freeze function quickly freezes new food - Alarm lets you know of any problem - Energy efficient design...
NEFF GI1213F30G Integrated Freezer
Top features: - FreshSense technology maintains temperature - SuperFreeze function for when you require quick freezing - A++ energy efficiency rating to help reduce energy bills FreshSense...
NEFF  KI2823F30G Integrated Fridge
This Neff KI2823F30G Integrated Fridge uses intelligent technology and utilises clever design techniques to bring you fantastic refrigeration for your food.Intelligent...
NEFF KI1212S30G Integrated Fridge
Top features:- Cool contents rapidly after shopping to keep food protected- Reduce energy costs with efficient rating- Auto defrost saves you timeThe Neff KI1212S30G Integrated...
NEFF  KI2222S30G Integrated Fridge
Top features: - Cooling technology provides an optimal temperature - Energy efficient with spacious storage Cooling technology With VitaControl technology, the KI2222S30G monitors the...
NEFF K1514X7GB Integrated Fridge
Top features:- Ample storage in a compact space so you can make the most of your kitchen- Practical compartments for all your needs- Energy efficientAmple storage in a compact spaceThe...
NEFF KI1312F30G Integrated Fridge
Top features:- Smart cooling to maintain the freshness of your food - Energy efficient performance to help you save money on your bills - Easy operation to stay in control Smart coolingDue to...
NEFF  KI1812S30G Integrated Tall Fridge
Top features:- VitaControl and SuperCool keep food fresher for longer- Large capacity fridge lets you store more of the food you love- Extra efficient with an A++ energy rating to help...
NEFF  KI1213F30G Integrated Fridge - White
Top features: - Cooling technology provides an optimal temperature - Energy efficient with spacious storage Cooling technologyWith VitaControl technology, the KI1213F30G monitors the...
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