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NEFF B14M42S5GB Electric Oven - Black
This Neff B14M42S5GB Electric Oven offers a spacious 67 litre capacity and great cooking functionality to make for easy and effortless cooking of all your favourite dishes.Sleek designEnjoy an appliance that looks as good as it performs, with a black glass fascia an easy to grip bar handle. This oven will be a beautiful feature in your kitchen by subtly integrating with your home design.Save money on your monthly bills and stay kind to the environment with an A energy rating.CircothermCook an entire three course meal without drying or burning your food with Circotherm technology. Hot air is continuously and evenly circulated around all levels inside the oven, cooking your meals faster. There's no transfer of flavour across your dishes meaning you can cook several items at once.Circotherm is great for cooking foods that usually require grilling thanks to even air circulation. It's so reliable that there's no need to turn your food - enjoy beautifully crispy and succulent results. Enjoy versatile cooking with five oven functions, including defrost and grill settings.Easy to cleanTake the hassle out of cleaning your oven and simply wipe away any mess. CeramiClean liners absorb fatty particles before they burn onto the interior of your appliance.  read more
NEFF B12S32N3GB Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
You'll be able to cook your meals with ease when you use the Neff B12S32N3GB Electric Oven in your built-in kitchen. Stylish in stainless steel and with bevelled bar handles, it not only looks great but also provides effective electric cooking. Quality cooking The B-12S32N3GB is a 67-litre oven that offers 3 cooking functions, including a handy defrost setting which can save you when you haven't taken things out of the freezer. It also includes a full-width variable grill to help you brown and crisp your favourite dishes. Taking the guesswork and difficulty out of cooking, this oven is fully programmable and features an LED programmable timer that is easy to use. Keeping it clean To help you keep the oven looking like new, the B12S32N3-GB has partial catalytic liners on the rear and ceiling of the cavity which help to trap and break down dirt and grease. It also includes CeramiClean liners and TitanEnamel, so you won't have to spend hours scrubbing your oven after you've used it. A-rated for energy efficiency, the Neff B12S32N3GB Electric Oven is the ideal option for any kitchen.Please note this product needs to be installed by a qualified engineer, such as one of our Knowhow experts.  read more
NEFF U12S32N3GB Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel
The stunning Neff U12S32N3GB Electric Double Oven is built with superb aesthetics and the latest technology, never compromising in performance and delivering the quality you would expect from Neff.Make cooking a real pleasureThere's plenty of cooking space for the family meal in this oven. The main cavity offers a huge 67 litres of space - you can cook the starters, mains and desert in one go. A secondary 35-litre oven and full-width variable grill adds further convenience to your cooking.The main fan oven uses Neff's CircoTherm heating technology, which works by drawing air in and heating it up before forcing it around the whole oven, continuously circulating so foods are cooked evenly at the optimum temperature.Convenience and controlYou can programme the oven to cook dinner on your schedule, allowing you to do more with your time. Just set the on/off time via the user-friendly bevelled controls and EasyClock LED display.The U12S32N3 oven interior is partially lined with catalytic liners at the rear of the cavity to make it easier to clean, absorbing and oxidising fat and grease for quick and easy wiping. Solid metal shelf supports allow you to accommodate different sized pans and dishes so no matter what you're cooking, you'll have plenty of room.Keeping in the heatWith a double glazed door and heat reflective glass the Neff double oven traps the heated energy inside, reducing wasted energy. The A-rated appliance improves efficiency and saves you money without compromising on performance.You can see exactly what you're cooking without opening the door thanks to the bright interior lighting and viewing window.The Neff U12S32N3GB Electric Double Oven is tailored for modern lifestyles, ensuring quality and reliable with a side of convenience.  read more
NEFF B17CR32N1B Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
The Neff B17CR32N1B Electric Oven delivers efficient cooking with a large cavity and range of cooking programs.CircoThermCook more efficiently thanks to the exclusive CircoTherm function which uses a powerful fan to heat up the air and circulate it evenly throughout the oven.The Hot Air function can be combined with the Steam function which uses the Neff system steamer accessory (sold separately). This delivers a perfectly browned and crisp finish on a variety of dishes.Perfect bakingA choice of conventional cooking, bread setting and proving settings makes the B17CR32N1B a great choice for keen bakers.The large cavity oven ensures plenty of space for baking trays of pastries, biscuits and scones, as well as ample space for a family roast dinner.Get grillingEnjoy more even grilling thanks to the Hot Air Grilling function, which ensures food is cooked thoroughly inside and out, with a crispy top - ideal for meat and fish.The variable width grill ensures you can save energy by only using half the grill when you've got less to cook.A stylish stainless steel finish and smart touch controls makes the Neff B17CR32N1B Electric Oven ideal for any modern kitchen.  read more
NEFF B14M42N5GB Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
Cook with confidence using the Neff B14M42N5GB Electric Oven.CircoThermCooking is effortless with the B14M42N5GB thanks to Neff's CircoTherm technology. By using a powerful fan which heats all four cooking levels evenly, you can seal food quickly and lock in moisture and flavour. Since this prevents flavours from intermingling, you can cook a three course meal in one go, saving you time and energy in the kitchen.Cooking modesThere are six different heating modes to choose from, meaning that you can find the ideal settings using the B14M42N5GB for each meal. Top and bottom heat is perfect for bakes and pizzas, while CircoRoasting can be used for rotisserie style meat.For fast cooking results, use the intensive heat of CircoTherm to quickly prepare your food.There is also a full-width grill, ideal for quickly heating and adding the finishing touches to meals.DesignThe B14M42N5GB features a new look black fascia, designed to complement other Neff appliances and to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.With a large 66 litre capacity and an A energy rating, the oven is an ideal choice for those seeking versatile cooking options.  read more
NEFF B27CR22N1B Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
The Neff B27CR22N1B Electric Oven offers multifunctional cooking with innovative heat technology, perfect for everyday cooking.CircoThermExclusive to Neff, CircoTherm technology uses a powerful fan to heat up the air and circulate it around the oven.Packed full of cooking programs you can enjoy optimum results, whatever you fancy at dinnertime.The Hot Air Eco function can be combined with steam to perfectly brown and crisp foods, while Hot Air Grilling is ideal for adding crispy toppings to meats, vegetables or just grilled cheese toasties.Dedicated cooking functionsTurn your oven into a conventional cooker using top/bottom heat - it's ideal of baking. Or use the dough proving function to prove yeast dough and improve the quality of cakes and bread.Rapid Heat also helps to reduce preheating times, to make cooking from frozen quicker and easier.Easy to useWith an electronic clock and stylish touch controls, the B27CR22N1B is effortlessly easy to use.The child safety lock is an added safety feature that prevents the oven from being opened, a must-have when your kids are helping out in the kitchen.The telescopic shelf also enables you to reposition the space in your oven to accommodate different sized dishes. Whether you're cooking Sunday roast or making a delicious casserole, there is plenty of room for your pots and pans.Easy to cleanOne of the most important features of any oven is how easy it is to clean. The B27CR22N1B has pyrolytic cleaning, a fast and practical system which burns off food spills and stains during the cooking process, so you can enjoy a perfectly clean oven, with minimal elbow grease.Get creative in the kitchen and take the guesswork out of cooking with the Neff B27CR22N1B Electric Oven.  read more
NEFF B47VR32N0B Electric Steam Oven - Stainless Steel
Top features: - CircoTherm Eco circulates hot air for thorough oven heating - Perfectly brown and crisp food with the full width grill CircoTherm Eco technology Ensure thorough and even heat every time you cook with CircoTherm Eco technology, which circulates hot air within the oven cavity. There's no need to pre-heat before you cook and your desired temperature is achieved more quickly. Baking cakes or large dishes is particularly effective with this technology, as heat is more efficiently circulated around single trays - meaning you can make delicious homemade bread and cakes with ease. Full width grill Prepare crisp meats and vegetables with no hassle at all on the full width grill, which maintains an even temperature across the entire surface - so you can avoid undercooked portions on the sides of the grill. You can also deliver perfect crisping and browning with Hot Air Eco technology, which combines steam and heat to give the perfect finish to breads and doughs. Cook more in each go when you take advantage of the 71 litre capacity this Neff B47VR32N0B Built-In Oven offers, which is ideal for couples and small families.  read more
NEFF B47FS34N0B Electric Steam Oven - Stainless Steel
This Neff B47FS34N0B Electric Steam Oven delivers mouth-watering results for all your dishes, thanks to an array of advanced heat features.Hassle-free cookingNeff have combined heating types and steam cooking in this single oven for maximum cooking flexibility. Featuring 12 automatic cooking and defrosting programs, this oven takes the hassle out of cooking.The handy Telescopic Shelf can be simply repositioned in the oven to accommodate whichever dish, no matter the size, is being used. Neff's very own Telescopic Shelves are perfect for withstanding heavy casserole dishes or roasting tins, as they can extend fully out of the oven without fear of tipping or buckling; giving you safe access each and every time. Handy featuresFeaturing a self-cleaning catalytic coating on the inside top and sides of the oven, cleaning and keeping your oven maintained is easier and requires no real elbow grease.And what's more, this oven is fully programmable with an electronic clock, and can automatically switch off the oven once the timer has finished. This is great feature to help achieve extra precision when roasting meat or baking your favourite cakes.This Neff B47FS34N0B features an innovative ShiftControl panel to make navigation quick and easy. You can check settings and cooking information quickly and directly on the high-resolution 2.5” TFT display.Brilliant, fast resultsUse the rapid heat setting to reduce the length of your cooking time and get your meals ready for the family in next to no time. You can even cook foods from frozen so you're never limited on your options.Prepare a wide range of meals and enjoy the benefits of high-powered cooking with this built-in Neff B47FS34N0B Electric Steam Oven.  read more
NEFF B14P42N3GB Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
The Neff B-14P42N3-GB Electric Oven completes your kitchen in a stainless steel finish and presents a fantastic array of cooking options with power to spare. Better features and power With its electronic control panel, silver temperature display and EasyClock, the B14P-42N3-GB is extremely simple and clear to use. Set and check cooking functions and times without a problem for excellent results every time. Enjoy cooking time reductions of up to 35 to 40% with the CircoRoasting function, as well as handy defrost and rapid heat functions. The automatic on/off programmer permits economical and convenient oven power setting to fit in with your lifestyle whilst saving power by not being on unnecessarily. Enjoy a clear view and convenient, hands-free food checking thanks to the large glass viewing window and 40 W inner lamp, whilst keeping all that lovely heat within the oven. The B14P-42N3-GB Oven also has a quadruple-glazed full-glass inner oven door that retains and reflects heat so your dishes are thoroughly, evenly and deliciously cooked. 4 shelf positions give maximum cooking flexibility and the durable QuickConnect shelf supports will withstand even the heaviest dishes and ingredients. Awesome looks and construction As well as totally delivering on the cooking and usability front, the B-14-P42N3-GB Electric Single Oven boasts a beautifully symmetrical design that's enhanced by bevelled oval controls that can be retracted to maintain the flawless facade when not in use. The smoothly-operating door benefits from a U-form design, its bevelled bar handle completing the look and making the oven totally easy to open and close. It's also incredibly energy-efficient with a Class A power consumption rating - you can save energy, with positive implications for your household bills and the environment. Safety and care The unbelievable pyrolytic cleaning function means this Neff single oven practically cleans itself, with spillages and food particles being burned away when the oven is heated to a certain temperature. With its enamel interior coating, the B-4-P42N3G-B Single Oven can be easily wiped and swept down following pyrolytic cleaning for swift and sweat-free maintenance. Things are kept safe with such essential features as a heating-up indicator, residual heat indicator, safety switch-off and a door lock function during pyrolytic cleaning. The oven controls are also fully lockable to prevent unwanted settings changes and operation. Enjoy the unbeatable and advanced combination of space, features and safety offered by the Neff B-14P42N3-GB Electric Oven.  read more
NEFF B15CR32N1B Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
The Neff B15CR32N1B Electric Oven offers advanced technology with easy controls for effortless home cooking. Space for large dishes Offering 71 litres of usable space, the Neff B15CR32N1B has enough room to cook a three-course meal all in one session. It's more than a match for even jumbo Christmas turkeys and allows you to batch bake with confidence. Multiple ways to cook The 12 cooking options make your Neff B15CR32N1B Oven a fully flexible cooking appliance, combining heating elements and the fan in different ways to achieve varied results. From conventional heating and CircoTherm to a pizza setting and bread baking functions, there's a setting to suit whatever you're cooking. The dough proving function is perfect for proving yeast dough while improving the texture and quality of pastries, cakes and breads. Use the variable full-width grill to prepare small or large portions of meat, fish and vegetables in a healthy and tasty way. Simpler oven cleaning The Neff B15CR32N1B allows for easier oven maintenance thanks to its EcoClean design - this features an ultra-fine ceramic bead coating that absorbs all fatty deposits, oxidising them when the oven exceeds temperatures of 220°C. It's an eco-friendly and energy saving way to keep the oven clean and allows for easy wipe downs. A BaseClean program enables easier bottom cleaning, softening dirt with warm water so that you can simply wipe out the base once the cycle is done. Offering a fantastic range of cooking options with easy control and maintenance features, the Neff B15CR32N1B Electric Oven is sure to enhance your kitchen.  read more
NEFF C28CT26N0B Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
Bring your dream creations to life using this Neff C28CT26N0B Electric Single Oven. CircoTherm technology CircoTherm works by drawing air in from the oven via a powerful fan. It then heats up the air and forces it right back into the oven cavity through strategically places ducts in the rear wall. It is the perfect way to cook foods that usually need to be grilled such as fish, burgers, steaks and sausages. CircoTherm performs at its best when used for single shelf cooking, especially great for baking those delicious cakes. Tasty treats Provides conventional cooking heat sources at the top and bottom of the oven. Ideal for making pastries and scones. Bake beautiful loafs of homemade, crusty bread and delicious mouth-watering pastries with the bread baking programmes which allow all 3 levels to be used at the same time. Luscious meats and fish Hot air grilling ensures your food is cooked through thoroughly on the inside and out with a crisp top, making it ideal for meats and pork. The defrost setting speeds up defrosting times whilst retaining the food colour and moisture. Perfect for delicate foods that would dry out in a standard oven, such as fish and poultry. Easy cleaning This oven is pyrolytic, a self-cleaning system that burns off any residue from baking, roasting and grilling - leaving you with a perfectly clean oven and none of the nasty stuff. Your guests will never want to leave when you're producing delicious dishes with this Neff C28CT26N0B Electric Single Oven.  read more
NEFF C27CS22N0B Compact Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
For stylish and practical cooking performance, this Neff C27CS22N0B Compact Electric Oven will cater for the needs of busy family households. With a timeless design and attractive stainless steel finish that will look great in any modern kitchen, this versatile electric oven delivers fantastic results. Cooking convenience A usable cooking capacity of 47 litres makes the C27CS22N0B a perfect choice for chefs looking for a roomy built-in oven packed with features. With a Telescopic Shelf, you can simply reposition the shelves to accommodate the size and shape of your dishes. The robust design allows you to extend the shelf fully out of oven without it tipping or buckling, providing safe accessibility when cooking and cleaning. The Rapid Heat function reduces preheating times, providing a quicker cooking time for those convenient meals when you need them most. Pyrolytic cleaning This easy cleaning system burns off any deposits after cooking by using the heat of the oven which leaves a residue of ash that can be easily wiped away with a cloth. This means less elbow grease, making cleaning a breeze. Featuring an integrated TFT-touch display, the C27CS22N0B puts the control effortlessly in your hands. You can adjust the oven settings with a quick turn of the wheel, while the full text and symbols on the control panel clearly show you the temperature and program you're using. Red backlighting also makes the display beautifully straightforward to use. The main oven also features an electronic timer clock so you can start cooking without even being in the kitchen. Designed for your convenience and so you achieve professional, you will see great cooking results with minimal effort. Integrate this Neff C27CS22N0B Compact Electric Oven into your kitchen design for a flexible and seamless cooking experience.  read more
NEFF B57CR22N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
The built-in Neff B57CR22N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven is spacious and packed with plenty of different functions that allow you to cook the way you want. More precise cooking Using CircoTherm technology with a powerful fan as its main cooking function, the Neff B57CR22N0B offers extremely balanced heat distribution, giving you food that's evenly cooked in less time. Among its 12 functions, Hot Air Eco combines hot air with steam for tantalising browning and crisping for all kinds of ingredients. Use the Top/Bottom Heat setting for a conventional approach that's great for baking scones, pastries and other treats. Integrated grill and specialist functions A full-width grill gives you more ways to prepare food in your Neff B57CR22N0B Oven, from meat and fish to vegetables, snacks desserts. It's variable, so you can use it at half-width to accommodate smaller portions. The Hot Air Grilling function cooks your ingredients thoroughly inside and out while crisping the top, so it's especially good for meat and pork dishes. You'll even be able to prove yeast dough in the oven, improving the texture and quality of pastries like cakes and breads. Discreet and easy to clean A Slide&Hide door fully retracts under the Neff B57CR22N0B, making loading and unloading easier and safer by taking up less space in front of the oven. Pyrolytic liners in the oven allow the appliance to effectively clean itself by burning away any deposits from roasting, baking and grilling. It's a simple matter to wipe or sweep away any residue to maintain a beautifully clean interior. Cook well with the Neff B57CR22N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven.  read more
NEFF B47CR32N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
Cook quickly and efficiently with the stylish integrated Neff B47CR32N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven in stainless steel. Large capacity oven With a generous 71 litre cavity, this single oven is perfect for cooking multiple dishes and is ideal for a three course meal or roast dinner. An integrated variable width grill with hot air grilling provides extra versatility when cooking up snacks and meals. CircoTherm cooking Cook a selection of dishes without the worry of flavours transferring with the CircoTherm function. Great for a three course meal, CircoTherm ensures all cooking levels are heated evenly, quickly sealing food to lock in moisture and flavour. Achieve perfect results thanks to a range of cooking functions which include specialist settings for pizzas, bread and braising. Functional design The programmable LCD screen with ShiftControl touch panel allows for ease of navigation through the menu and settings, and gives the oven a sleek, contemporary look. An innovative Slide&Hide door with SoftClose functionality conveniently slides away to save space and let you safely get close to your cooking. The smooth bevelled Recolution handle rotates as the door moves, remaining easily accessible and visible at all times. Easy cleaning The self-cleaning B47CR32N0B features an EcoClean system which uses catalytic liners for a maintenance-free design. The liners absorb all the fatty deposits from cooking and are designed to be highly efficient to last the entire lifetime of the oven. Use the BaseClean feature to clean the bottom of your oven. This system uses warm water to soften dirt, after which you only need to give the base a quick wipe. With functional features, a range of cooking programs and easy maintenance, the Neff B47CR32N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven makes a practical and stylish addition to your kitchen.  read more
NEFF B44S32N5GB Slide & Hide Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
Cook with confidence using the stainless steel Neff B44S32N5GB Slide & Hide Electric Oven. Choose from three oven functions and a full-width variable grill to create stunning meals, with an LED programmable timer to help you. Slide & Hide The B44S32N5GB boasts a Slide & Hide oven door with an ergonomically designed revolution handle. Unique to Neff, this door simply slides fully underneath the cavity when you open the oven door. Not only does it let you easily access the meal you're cooking, but also makes a great focal point in your kitchen. The steel handle turns as the door opens, making it easy to close the door and keeping your oven looking smart.You can monitor the progress of your cooking without having to worry about catching your hands or arms on the door or taking up space in your kitchen. CircoTherm technology With CircoTherm Fan technology, it is possible to cook a three course meal in one go without the intermingling of flavours.By using a powerful fan that heats all four cooking levels evenly, you can seal the food quickly to preserve moisture and flavour, no matter what other items you are cooking simultaneously. Easy cleaningKeeping your oven clean is easier thanks to the combination of the catalytic liner and easy-clean enamel surfaces. The catalytic liner traps and breaks down grease and dirt in your oven, whilst the Titan Enamel makes it simple to clean your oven. With a smart Slide & Hide door, the Neff B44S32N5GB Slide & Hide Electric Oven is an ideal choice for your kitchen.  read more
NEFF Slide & Hide B58VT68N0B Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
Top features:- VarioSteam and CircoTherm technology for beautifully even cooking- Multiple oven functions and meat thermometer to suit whatever you're making- Pyrolytic cleaning makes oven maintenance simpler- Slide & Hide door lets you load and unload dishes easily and safely VarioSteam and CircoTherm The Neff Slide & Hide B58VT68N0B Electric Oven features CircoTherm technology, which uses a powerful fan to heat up and circulate air around the oven. It's the primary cooking function and ensures efficient, even cooking every time. VarioSteam is a useful steam assistance function that perfectly cooks food to make sure it's moist in the middle and crispy on the outside - brilliant for rustling up succulent dinners. Multiple oven functions Choose between a range of oven functions to suit your cooking. The B58VT68N0B's hot air function can be combined with steam to give the perfect browning and crisping to any dish. You can grill, bake and defrost or heat specific areas of the oven with top and bottom heat functions. Steam functions let you reheat and prove dough for ultimate versatility in the kitchen. The Multi Point roast thermometer helps to regulate the oven temperature and automatically adjust cooking times. Pyrolytic cleaning The B58VT68N0B features pyrolytic cleaning, which burns off food deposits and spills while cooking. Whether you're baking, roasting or grilling the oven cleans as it cooks - so you can save time and energy scrubbing. Slide & Hide door Engineered with a clever Slide & Hide door, the B58VT68N0B's door slides neatly under the oven to give you added flexibility and full access to the oven. Reposition the oven's interior to accommodate your cooking. The telescopic shelf is perfect for heavy roasts and larger sized dishes. By fully extending out of the oven without tipping or buckling, you can check your dish or take it out the oven safely and easily.  read more
NEFF SB44M42N5GB Slide & Hide Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
Top features: - 66 litre oven capacity for cooking more food at once - Slide&Hide door provides more space in the kitchen and easy access - Cook savoury and sweet dishes simultaneously with CircoTherm technology- Simple maintenance- Energy efficiency66 litre oven capacityYou'll have more flexibility with 66 litres of space at your disposal - plenty of space for batch baking pizzas and cakes, roasting large joints of meant or preparing different dishes at the same time.Slide&Hide doorAn innovative Slide&Hide door with SoftClose functionality neatly slides away to save space and let you safely get close to your hot meals. The smooth bevelled Revolution handle rotates as the door moves, remaining easily accessible and visible at all times.Operating your oven is simple with the minimalist black fascia design, featuring symmetrical dials and a central bright clock. Selecting from the six cooking programs, time and temperature level is made simple.CircoTherm technologyCook more in one go without intermingling flavours with CircoTherm technology. Powerful fans heat all four levels evenly, locking flavour and moisture into your food as it cooks more quickly. Bake delicate cakes and roast a meat joint all at once, saving time and energy.Simple maintenanceKeeping your oven beautifully clean is hassle free with CeramiClean liners - simply wipe any mess away with a damp cloth. Located on the interior roof and back panel, the microfine ceramic bead coating effectively absorbs fatty deposits, so there's no more burnt on mess that's hard to budge. Save your time and effort maintaining the B44M42N5GB appliance since there's no need to purchase expensive oven cleaners anymore either.Energy efficiencyStay kinder to the environment and save on your monthly utility bills thanks to the A energy rating.  read more
NEFF B48FT78N0B Slide & Hide Electric Steam Oven - Stainless Steel
Top features: - Cooking functions to make everyday meals straightforward - Handy features that provide added safety - Easier cleaning with the pyrolytic function Cooking functions The large 71 litre capacity means there's ample space for even the largest family meals, with 13 cooking functions to suit each dish. For even cooking, Neff's CircoTherm function uses a powerful fan that evenly circulates hot air throughout the oven. If you prefer more conventional heating, you can use the heat sources at the top and bottom of the oven - perfect for pastry. The Neff B48FT78N0B Steam Oven includes the Hot Air Eco mode, which combines hot air with steam cooking to provide crisp and perfectly browned food. Cook meat quickly and easily using the Hot Air Grilling function, which uses the grill elements to perfectly cook and crisp your food. Ro cut down on cooking time, the rapid heat function reduces pre-heating times so that you can have your meals ready sooner. Handy features The B48FT78N0B Electric Steam Oven looks the part thanks to its Slide & Hide door, which fully retracts under the cavity when you open the door. Not only does it look great, but it also keeps the door out of the way when you've got your hands full. This oven boasts a telescopic shelf that won't tip or buckle when you're loading or unloading heavy items such as roasts and casseroles. A child safety lock helps to keep small hands from harm in the kitchen. Easier cleaning Pyrolytic cleaning uses extreme heat to burn away any cooking deposits inside the oven, so all you'll need to do is wipe your oven down when it's cooled.  read more
NEFF B57CS24N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
Create succulent roasts, tasty lasagnes, heavenly pastries and more with the versatile Neff B57CS24N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven.The benefits of fan cookingUsing the CircoTherm feature as its main cooking function, the Neff B57CS24N0B features a power fan to dynamically heat up the air and circulate it evenly around the oven interior.This results in meals that are cooked through while retaining the delicious moisture and texture you want. Use the electronic clock to conveniently manage your cooking while adding style and charm to your kitchen.Multiple oven functionsMake the most of the B57CS24N0B's 13 oven functions to prepare any dish your imagination conjures up.The Hot Air Eco function combines hot air with steam to add delectable browning and crisping to a variety of foods, while maintaining a tender centre. Top/Bottom Heat gives you a more conventional cooking method by using the top and bottom elements - great for baking scones and pastries.The oven's even capable of proving yeast dough, and helps you improve the texture and quality of pastries like cakes and breads. Rapid Heat cuts down preheating times and is handy for making scones and cooking from frozen quicker.Includes a grillYou'll be able to cook everything from meat and fish to vegetables, snacks and some desserts in a different, healthy way with the integrated grill. As well as full-width and half-width setting options, there's Hot Air Grilling - this cooks your food thoroughly inside and out, adding crispness to the top of meats and more.An oven that's practical and safeYour Neff B57CS24N0B Oven features pyrolytic cleaning which burns away mess created by baking, roasting and grilling. It's a simple matter to wipe your oven clean afterwards, making maintenance easier than ever.Loading and unloading are made easier and safer thanks to the Slide&Hide door, which retracts fully underneath the cavity. The telescopic shelves are ideal for heavy roasts and casseroles, fully extending without accidentally tipping or buckling. You can simply reposition them in the oven to accommodate dishes of all sizes.There's also a child safety lock that's perfect safety feature for when your kids are with you in the kitchen.Making cooking a daily joy with the Neff B57CS24N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven.  read more
NEFF B57VS24N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven - Stainless Steel
Cook food in different ways using the multifunctional Neff B57VS24N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven.CircoTherm fan and multiple functionsHeating up quickly and distributing hot air evenly around the cavity, the CircoTherm fan is the main function of your B57VS24N0B Oven. You'll be able to achieve more consistent results in less time, whether it's a delicious batch of brownies or a roast that's cooked to perfection.The oven offers 13 different cooking functions to help you accomplish recipes of all kinds and handle different ingredients with confidence - combine top and bottom elements, fan and grill and more in various combinations to achieve the results you want.Use the VarioSteam function to prepare food that's delicious and moist inside with a crisp exterior -the oven has a 1 litre water tank to facilitate this steam-assisted feature.Effective hot air cookingUse the top and bottom elements for a more conventional cooking method that's great for baking pastries and scones, or for preparing different items on each levels.Achieve mouth-watering browning and crisping on sweet and savoury dishes alike using the Hot Air Eco function. The Neff B57VS24N0B also offers Hot Air Grilling that cooks your food thoroughly inside and out while creating delectable crispness on top, so it's especially good for meat.Easy to open and cleanA Slide&Hide door retracts completely beneath the B57VS24N0B, allowing you to access the oven more directly and avoid burning yourself on the hot inner glass. It's a smart, discreet way to open and close the appliance, and helps maintain a cleaner look in your kitchen.Oven cleaning is much simpler with the pyrolytic cleaning system which burns off any mess and spillages from cooking, leaving you to quickly wipe down the oven to leave it perfectly clean. The ShiftControl feature lets you quickly navigate through menus and operate the oven using the large LCD display.Cook your way with the Neff B57VS24N0B Slide & Hide Electric Oven.  read more
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