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SIEMENS GI38NA55GB Integrated Tall Freezer
Top features:- Plenty of space for all your food storage needs- noFrost technology that saves you time defrosting- Longer-lasting LED lighting saves on household bills- Smooth control with the...
SIEMENS  GS36NVW30G Tall Freezer - White
Top features:- 255 litres of storage space for your frozen goods - Automatic defrosting saves you time and energy The A++ energy rated Siemens iQ300 GS36 Tall Freezer stores your...
SIEMENS  GS36NAW31G Tall Freezer - White
With plenty of cooling technology, easy functionality and heaps of storage, the Siemens iQ500 GS36 Tall Freezer is a brilliant addition to the hungry home. Sturdy storage Designed...
SIEMENS  KI38VX22GB Integrated Fridge Freezer
Enjoy seamless storage with this Siemens KI38VX22GB Integrated Fridge Freezer. Energy efficiency The attractive LED light makes it easier to see inside the fridge, and because...
SIEMENS  KI34NP60GB Integrated Fridge Freezer
Equip your home with a dedicated and effective food storage solution when you choose this Siemens KI34NP60GB Integrated Fridge Freezer. Enjoy the 259 litre storage space that this...
SIEMENS KI87SAF30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
Top features:- Stable temperatures which keep your meals fresh- All-round visibility with LED lighting- Spacious freezer with room for larger itemsStable temperaturesWith more than...
SIEMENS KI85VVF30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
Top features:- Cooling technology helps maintain fresher food- Storage for plenty of food and drinks- Energy efficient performance saving you money on bills Cooling technology With FreshSense,...
SIEMENS  KG33VVW31G Fridge Freezer - White
Top features: - Fast and effective freezing with the superFreezing function - Keep your fresh produce for longer in the hyperFresh fridge drawer - Save on your household utility bills with an...
SIEMENS  KG36VVW33G Fridge Freezer - White
Top features:- Keep food fresher for longer with hyperfresh drawers and the Super Freezing function - Store more food in your freezer with the bigBox frozen food drawer - Reduce the cost...
SIEMENS KI86SAF30G Integrated Fridge Freezer
With excellent storage and a number of handy features, the Siemens KI86SAF30G Integrated Fridge Freezer is perfect for any family home.Family friendly featuresA net storage...
SIEMENS  KG39VVW31G Fridge Freezer - White
Top features: - Ensure your fruits and vegetables last longer in the hyperFresh drawer - Save on your household utility bills with an A++ energy efficiency rating - Store larger and bulkier...
SIEMENS  KG39FSB30 Fridge Freezer - Black
Top features:- Affordable refrigeration with energy efficient performance- Space for everything with over 300 litres net capacity- Your food, only fresher with humidity control- Convenient...
SIEMENS  iQ500 GS36NBW30G Tall Freezer - White
The Siemens iQ500 GS36NBW30G Tall Freezer is host to a range of great features and functionality to keep your food safely frozen. Safe storage Featuring a sleek, white exterior,...
SIEMENS KI87VVF30G Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer
SIEMENS  GS36NVI30G Tall Freezer - Stainless Steel
Top features: - Spacious storage for up to 237 litres - Fast freeze technology with a multi-airflow system - Energy efficient rating helps reduce electricity costs Spacious storage Featuring a...
SIEMENS  iQ500 GS58NAW41 Tall Freezer - White
Keep your frozen food cold and avoid the hassle of defrosting with the Siemens GS58NAW41 Tall Freezer.Cooling technologyThe GS58NAW41 features a SuoerFreeze function which quickly...
SIEMENS  iQ700 KG39FPI30 Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel
Top features:- Contemporary cooling with vitaFresh technology - Frost-free freezing saves you time and energy - Super cool and chill keeps your food chilled and fresh Contemporary coolingFour...
SIEMENS  KG39NLB35 Smart Fridge Freezer - Black
Top features: - Home connect allows you to remotely control the fridge freezer - NoFrost technology prevents the build-up of ice - Your food is stored in optimum conditions to keep it...
SIEMENS  KG36NAB35G Smart Fridge Freezer - Black
Top features: - Home Connect allows you to set functions no matter where you are - Make savings on your household utility bills with an A++ energy rating - You'll never have to manually defrost...
SIEMENS  KG36NHI32 Smart Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel
Top features: - Home Connect function lets you control your fridge no matter where you are - Regulate an even temperature throughout your appliance with special functions - Save on your...
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