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Founded in 2002, UK based Lovehoney is now a large online sex toy retailer, manufacturer and distributor. They develop innovative sexual well-being products.
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Late X Collection Low Cut Latex Dress
DANGER: curves ahead. This sleek latex pencil dress follows every contour of your body, sculpting your shape into pin-up proportions worthy of a certain Ms. Rabbit. Plus, with a plunging neckline, we guarantee it'll make you the centre of attention......  read more
CB-X The Curve Cage
Looking for a larger cage for your CB 2000 or 3000? The Curve cage fits onto both the CB 2000 and CB 3000 comfortably! Cage only. No accessories. Bondage Chastity Devices Cock Cages & Plugs  read more
Sexy Long Wig
There's something different about you, but we can't quite put our finger on it... This platinum blonde wig is the ideal accessory for instant image transformation. A full fringe and long, glossy locks frame your face for a look that's pure sex appeal....  read more
Bondage Boutique Blackout Bondage Hood
Calling all fans of sensory deprivation and Zentai, we have a something for you. Made from stretchy spandex with a built-in blindfold, this full face hood blocks all sight to heighten excitement for both you and your partner during bedroom bondage....  read more
CB Black Covered Brass Padlock (1 key)
"Small but mighty" is the perfect way to describe this brass padlock. Just 1. 5 inches in length and boasting a hardened locking pin, it's ideal for discreet wear under clothing and is compatible with the full CB chastity range. Just don't lose the...  read more
Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls 78g Sex Toy
A workout minus the sweat, tears and pain? Yes, it is possible. Tracey Cox's weighted kegel balls give you an incredible workout, are wonderfully discreet, and best of all, result in stronger muscle tone and better-than-ever orgasms. Tempted? "If you...  read more
Cici Short Bob Pleasure Wig
Super-chic and stunningly sexy, this silky-smooth shiny wig transforms your look, whether you want to give your partner a naughty surprise or enjoy a night on the town. Comes with an elasticated cap and adjustable strap for the perfect fit. These wigs...  read more
Glam Short Blunt Cut Wig with Fringe
Wave goodbye to dull, lacklustre hairstyles and say hello to sleek, glossy locks with this blunt cut bob wig from Glam. Cut in a mid-length bob with a flattering fringe to instantly transform boring hair into show-stopping hair. Made from soft and...  read more
Bondage Boutique Precision Feather Tickler
An elegant feather tickler topped with a spray of coque feathers surrounded by fluffy down. Soft and sensual, this bedroom bondage accessory enhances your sensory awareness to accentuate every touch, tickle and pleasurable stroke. Gently trace the...  read more
Jessie Straight or Wavy Long Wig
Get your head in the quick-change game with this cascading auburn wig, for an instant transformation. Falling just below your shoulders with a long fringe, the wig is fantastically versatile and can be styled in a way that best suits you. A...  read more
Tracey Cox Supersex Single Silicone Toner Ball 39g Sex Toy
Tracey Cox's Toner Ball can help catapult your orgasms to extreme heights. Weighted with a free-roaming ball, the jiggle ball is the perfect workout partner for kegel toning and discreet stimulation, and can even boost the strength of your orgasms....  read more
Bondage Boutique Luxury Silicone Ball Gag
Another ball to pop in your lover's mouth can only be a good thing in our book, and this hypoallergenic silicone gag from Bondage Boutique is a quality example. Effectively stopping any speech, it's ideal if you don't want to talk about their day at...  read more
Zado Leather Head Harness and Ball Gag
Enhance your lover's sense of submission with this heavy-duty head harness with incorporated ball gag. Leather straps encase your partner's head, partially restricting their sight and holding the large PVC ball gag firmly in their mouth to muffle...  read more
Fever Alexia 19 Inch Long Black Blunt Cut Wig with Fringe
Cut loose and charter another persona for a night in this stunning black blunt-cut wig. Brilliantly realistic, this 19 inch wig is heated styling tool-compatible so you can transform your look with ease and comes poker straight for simple styling....  read more
Fever Khloe 26 Inch Long Blonde Wave Wig with Centre Parting
Introduce the world to your sexy alter ego in this head of striking tresses. Long and flowing, these waves of silvery blonde hair are brilliantly versatile, with the wig heated styling tool-compatible so you can create your custom look. Styled with a...  read more
Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Set
Better sex and toned muscles are yours with this simple-yet-effective toner ball kit from the Supersex range. Start off with the single kegel ball and progress to the more advanced double toner balls for greater orgasm control and intensity. "Perfect...  read more
Aristoc Sheer Luxury 10 Denier Black Lace Top Hold Ups
Understated glamour is an understatement with these elegant lace top hold ups from British brand Aristoc. Silky soft with a beautiful sheen, the sexy hold ups look fabulous and stay up without fiddly suspender straps. A light, 10 denier finish gives...  read more
Pretty Polly Nylons 10 Denier Sherry Glossy Lace Top Hold Ups
Pretty as a peach, or indeed Polly, slide these glossy nude hold ups all the way up to your thighs and delight in the irresistible finish and geometric lace tops that keep them in straight and in place. 10 denier for light, flattering coverage. Sexy...  read more
Sensuva Ice Cube Flavoured Cooling Nipple Balm 4g
Smooth this delicious, flavoured balm over your nipples for an almost-instant cooling effect. Lasting anywhere between 20 minutes to over an hour, this unisex, stimulating treat is perfect for enhancing foreplay and sex for nipplegasms galore!...  read more
Bondage Boutique Lover's Soft Bondage Kit
Containing everything you need to kick-start your kink levels, this beginner's bondage kit allows first-time fetishists the chance to comfortably explore the world of BDSM. Each kit contains padded wrist cuffs, a soft blindfold, and a cotton flogger....  read more
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