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The Allergy Cook Book by Stephanie Lashford
The Allergy Cook Book
The Vanishing Goalie (Dino FC) by Keith Brumpton
Dino FC has reached the cup final for the first time in one million and nine years. However, their ruthless rivals, Tyrannosaurus Hotspur will stop at nothing to ensure they take home the trophy. Every dino knows that Dino FC only have 11 players and no subs, so when goalie Pteradonna goes missing before the match, the T-Rexs are prime suspects.
Nurses' Dictionary by Honnor Morten
Nurses' Dictionary
Look inside Cross-Sections: Ca by Dorling Kindersley
Look inside Cross-Sections: Ca
It's Not the End of the World by Judy Blume
It's Not the End of the World
Focal Point: Creative Ideas for Scrapbooking and Displaying the Photos You Love
From creative cropping techniques to photo manipulation ideas to using photos printed on creative surfaces, this book features the trends for showcasing photos in layouts and related projects. It includes tips and tricks for making the most of bad photos, variations for scrapbooking the same photo multiple ways, and more.
Founding a School in France: L'ecole Hampshire by Jane Box-Grainger
Jane Box-Grainger was the driving force behind establishing L'ecole Hampshire in its early years. Without her energy and inspiration the old ramshackle Perigordin farmhouse and its outbuildings would never have been transformed into the beautiful purpose-built school of today.
Kids Art Series: 101 Fairy Things to Make-and-Do by Igloo Books
Kids Art Series: 101 Fairy Things to Make-and-Do
War (World Reacts) by Paul Bennett
Examines how armed conflicts happen and the effect that they have on people. It uses case studies, eye-witness accounts, photographs and background information to help children understand the scenes they see on television and to encourage them to think about war from a new perspective.
CIMA - Fundamentals of Business Economics: Study Text by Bpp Learning Media
Suitable for exams until December 2016
The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition by Anne Frank
In 1942, Anne Frank and her family fleeing the horrors of Nazi occupation, hid in the back of an Amsterdam warehouse. Over the next two years, Anne describes in her diary her frustrations at being confined, hungry, bored and the threat of discovery. Her diary ends when they are discovered in 1944.
The Guinness Encyclopedia of Hollywood by Barbara Siegel
Both historical and critical, this guide to the American film industry examines Hollywood from its beginnings, through the thirties and forties to the present. Using an A-Z format, it gives information about actors, directors, studios, writers, cameramen and the films themselves.
A Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes by Stephen Hawking
From the time of the ancient Greeks through the present time, this historical overview of cosmology is told by one of the most famous and fascinating scientists today.
Italian Wines by Rosso
Italian Wines
Let Him Have it, Chris by M. J. Trow
Let Him Have it, Chris
Ella Bella Ballerina and the Nutcracker by James Mayhew
Ella Bella captures all the festive sparkle of Christmas with this glorious introduction to The Nutcracker ballet
Making Your Own Jumps (Threshold Picture Guide) by Mary Gordon-Watson
Making Your Own Jumps (Threshold Picture Guide)
Scientifica Pupil Book 8 (Levels 4-7): Student Book Year 8 by Phil Godding
Bring your science lessons to life with Scientifica. Providing just the right proportion of 'reading' versus 'doing', these engaging resources are differentiated to support and challenge pupils of varying abilities.
STEREOPHONICS THE HIT SINGLES PVG: Five Top 20 Hits from the Welsh Rockers Arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar by Various
STEREOPHONICS THE HIT SINGLES PVG: Five Top 20 Hits from the Welsh Rockers Arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar
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