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Add more washing mid-cycle with this innovative washing machine
What most people want from a washing machine is for it to be cheap and reliable. But is a cheap washing machine ever going to be the most reliable? You already know the answer! Th...
this model, Miele has made a 7kg washing machine that performs well in almost every regard. The machine comes with a great range of features for convenience and versatility, and it is...
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...rface due to the way they open. There is a limited choice of top-loading models on the market. Related products Samsung WW80J6410CX Launched: May 2015 Tested: Jun 2015 Today's best price £460.00 Samsung WW80J6410CW Launched: May 2015 Tested: Jun 201...
... less frequently may be more efficient. "Never cram a machine full," says Clare Allman, of washing liquid maker Ecover. "For the washing process to happen the tumbling action needs to occur with the water and chemicals being able to move freely around the clothe...
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