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The Dell Inspiron 3531, from the popular Inspiron line of Dell notebooks is one of the best selling Laptops in the UK right now. In this review, we put it to the test. Featuring the modern Windows 8.1 operating system and a beefy 2.16GHz makes this l...
The ultra-diverse laptop of the future is here. But it's not quite what we were promised. The post Review: Samsung Chromebook Pro appeared first on WIRED.
Take a well-specced laptop based on AMD hardware and add Ubuntu for a different kind of laptop
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...m the lower end Celeron and Pentium processors, great again for the general home tasks and lighter usage, all the way up to the Core i5 and Core i7 which is very popular between gaming enthusiasts and multimedia fiends thanks to their Turbo Boost technology. The Intel Core i3 is the...
...ultimedia, movies and gaming Core i3 - Everyday tasks Everyday tasks such as web browsing, word processing and watching videos. Core i5 - Multitasker Ability to multitask efficiently, faster web browsing, manages applications with ease. AMD A8 - Multitasker All round performance, mu...
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