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The iPhone 6s Plus comes with a faster A9 processor, a 12 megapixel camera with 4K video recording, and Apple's new 3D Touch feature. It's also been subst...
13th September, 2015
The iPhone 6 Plus is like the iPhone 6 but with a larger screen and stronger battery. It's a beautiful device, but super expensive.
6th October, 2014
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...e which iPhone to buy, we've summarised the main differences between the various iPhones in the section below, but it's not quite as simple as weighing up the specs. Every Apple fan is different, and every Apple fan has different priorities. Perhaps you need as many gigabytes as you...
Mobile phones Which Apple iPhone should I buy? by Jessica Moreton The iPhone family is made up of five models – the cheapest starting at £379 and...
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