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A slim dishwasher boasting great washing and low running costs
You get you pay for from this near-£1000 dishwasher
An outstanding dishwasher with a price to match
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...es, forks, soup spoons, teaspoons and dessertspoons If a full-sized dishwasher seems too big, then your other options are a slimline model, which is usually around 45cm wide and takes around 9 place settings, but the same height and depth. Note: even if there's only one or ...
...n kitchen. On the right, a freestanding dishwasher. Dishwasher sizes Dishwashers come in three different sizes: full-sized, slimline and compact. Each size has a range of capacities to choose between. Full-sized Width: Approximately 60cm Capacity: 120-150 items The smallest...
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