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Fridge-freezers are superb space savers, and can make a real impact to a designer kitchen. Whether you're looking for a compact integrated fridge-free...
30th September, 2015
A large, stylish fridge freezer with a massive fridge compartment
26th March, 2016
A review of the small size Quinta Kamado, a new brand in the ceramic Kamado market. The post Quinta Kamado Small appeared first on UK BBQ Review.
16th August, 2016
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...tres rather than the physical dimensions of each compartment. This might sound complicated but basically means if you have a small family, a fridge-freezer with a 100 – 250 litre total capacity will give you enough space to store a week’s worth of food. A 200 &nd...
... - Easy to re-arrange in your kitchen Disadvantages: - Slightly bigger than integrated - Can take up quite a bit of space in small kitchens Integrated/Built-in Fridge Freezers Advantages: - Blends in your kitchen - Slimmer and more compact Disadvantages: - More expensive - U...
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