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Superb picture quality and a stunning design, the DX802 is a brilliant 4K HDR TV that also comes with Freetime and Freeview Play built-in 1,049 inc VAT (50in model) 23 Nov 2016
23rd November, 2016
Here we pick the very best TVs of 2014 in a number of different sizes.
3rd December, 2014
We look at how you can make sense of Panasonic's TV model number naming convention 24 Nov 2016
23rd May, 2016
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...Q & A Home News Smart TV Brands Apple TV Google TV LG Smart TV Panasonic Smart TV Philips Smart TV Samsung Smart TV Sharp Smart TV Sony Smart TV Reviews TV apps Smart TV World Top 10 How to choose the best Smart TV in 2014? Whether or not the time is right to buy a Smart TV at the...
...ED TV. £649 High-end At this price point the sky really is the limit. Those with a lot of money to burn could make the jump into 4K (AKA Ultra High Definition) viewing, although the content out there to make use of such detail is limited but starting to come through (Netflix's n...
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