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In complete contrast to Alpkit’s Kraku, here we have Outwell’s Appetizer Cooker 2 –Burner Folding Stove. Whereas you could stuff the Kraku in your pocket, you'd only pack the Appetizer if you were using your car as a base as, while it folds down, i...
24th September, 2015
...eem to meet the balance of an affordable price and decent quality on most occasions. Here we’ve got the Titan Backpacker Stove, a gas stove made from heat-resistant stainless steel. It features a Piezo ignition for lighting up the stove in
24th September, 2015
...the kit is still mostly up-to-scratch, although for a lower level of outdoor activity. Its entry for this review is the Alpine Stove, a free-standing gas stove with Piezo
24th September, 2015
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...u have 0 item(s) Basket You have 0 item(s) in your basket View Basket 24/01/2013 Share this story Guide to liquid fuel camping stoves de86fe94-bd95-439d-95df-a3fd865374e8 These days, 'liquid fuels' usually means non-pressurised methylated spirits or pressurised multi-fuel. The...
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