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Last updated: 30th Sep 2023 18:50
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Top tips for buying Primer

  1. Research the types of primer available – there are a variety of primers available for different uses, so make sure you understand the differences between them before you buy.
  2. Consider the surface you are painting – different primers work better on different surfaces, so make sure you choose the right one for the job.
  3. Buy from a reputable supplier – make sure you buy from a trusted retailer who offers a good warranty and return policy.
  4. Look for good reviews – read customer reviews online to see what others think of the primer you are considering.
  5. Buy a high-quality primer – buy a good quality primer that will last and protect your surface.
  6. Look for special features – some primers come with special features such as mould protection, mould-resistant paint and water-resistant properties.
  7. Consider the environment – some primers are better for the environment than others, so check the label before you buy.
  8. Check the price – compare prices between different suppliers to get the best deal.
  9. Buy the right amount – make sure you buy enough primer to cover the entire surface you are painting.
  10. Follow the instructions – make sure you read and follow the instructions on the primer’s packaging to ensure you get the best results.

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