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Wing Bolts

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Last updated: 24th Sep 2023 13:53
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    Top tips for buying Wing Bolt

    1. Check the size and thread of the wing bolt you need to ensure compatibility with your existing set-up.
    2. Consider the material the wing bolt is made from. Steel or stainless steel are the most durable and long-lasting options.
    3. Look for wing bolts with a self-locking feature for added security.
    4. Make sure the wing bolt head is compatible with your tools and the size of the hole in the application.
    5. Consider the head shape of the wing bolt. A flat head is usually a good option for general-purpose use.
    6. Look for corrosion-resistant wing bolts if you’re using them in a wet or damp environment.
    7. Consider the length of the bolt you need. Longer bolts can be used in deeper materials.
    8. Look for wing bolts with a black oxide finish to reduce the risk of corrosion.
    9. Consider buying wing bolts in bulk to save money and get a better price.
    10. Make sure you purchase wing bolts from a reputable supplier to ensure quality and reliability.

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