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Last updated: 29th Sep 2023 2:39
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Top tips for buying Childrens Mouthwash

  1. Check for natural ingredients: Look for natural ingredients that are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.
  2. Avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes: Children should not use alcohol-based mouthwashes as they can be harsh and can cause irritation.
  3. Check for fluoride content: Fluoride helps to protect teeth from decay, so it’s important to look for mouthwashes that contain fluoride.
  4. Check for sugar content: Too much sugar can cause tooth decay, so it’s important to check the sugar content of the mouthwash.
  5. Check the taste: Check if the mouthwash has a pleasant taste that your child will enjoy.
  6. Check the age range: Different mouthwashes are suitable for different age groups, so it’s important to check the age range of the product.
  7. Check the instructions: Always read the instructions carefully and ensure that the mouthwash is used correctly.
  8. Consider the cost: Compare the prices of different products and choose a mouthwash that’s within your budget.
  9. Consider convenience: Consider whether the mouthwash is easy to use and administer.
  10. Check reviews: Read reviews from other parents to find out what they think of the product.

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