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Last updated: 28th Sep 2023 3:35
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This is a list of the bestselling Rollators ranked by number of reviews found online

Top tips for buying Rollator

  1. Consider your needs: What kind of terrain will you be using the rollator on? Do you need a lightweight model or something more robust?
  2. Check the weight capacity: Most rollators have a weight capacity of up to 130kg. Make sure the one you choose can support your weight and any extra items you may need to carry.
  3. Look for adjustable features: Adjustable handle height, seat height, and backrest angle are all important features to look for.
  4. Look for a folding model: A folding rollator is great for storage and transportation.
  5. Consider the brakes: Make sure the brakes are easy to use and provide secure braking.
  6. Check the wheels: Look for large, pneumatic wheels with good suspension for a smooth ride.
  7. Look for comfortable features: A padded seat, adjustable armrests, and a basket or tray are all important features for comfort and convenience.
  8. Find the right size: Make sure the rollator is the right size for you and your needs.
  9. Compare prices: Shop around to find the best deal on a quality rollator.
  10. Read reviews: Read online reviews to get an unbiased opinion on the product.

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