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Last updated: 29th Sep 2023 6:11
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Top tips for buying Paper Scissors

  1. Look for scissors with a comfortable grip. Scissors with contoured handles or ergonomic designs are ideal for reducing hand fatigue.
  2. Choose scissors with hardened steel blades for sharpness and durability.
  3. Consider scissors with a serrated blade for better cutting power.
  4. Select scissors with a wide range of blade lengths for a variety of cutting jobs.
  5. Look for scissors that have a spring-action design for easier use.
  6. Consider purchasing scissors with a protective cap to keep the blades sharp and safe.
  7. Look for scissors with a titanium coating to help prevent corrosion.
  8. Consider scissors with an adjustable pivot point to accommodate different hand sizes.
  9. Choose scissors with a blunt tip for added safety when cutting.
  10. Look for scissors with a built-in blade guard to keep your fingers safe.

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