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Pastel Papers

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Last updated: 29th Sep 2023 8:11
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Top tips for buying Pastel Paper

  1. Consider the paper weight – heavier paper will be more robust and easier to use.
  2. Look for acid-free, archival-grade paper – this will ensure your artwork will last.
  3. Consider the surface – look for a paper that will work with the pastel medium you plan to use.
  4. Think about the texture – some papers have a rougher surface, which is ideal for pastels.
  5. Consider the size – large sheets are great for larger pieces of artwork, while smaller sheets are better for smaller pieces.
  6. Look for papers that are fade-resistant – this will help to keep your artwork looking vibrant and beautiful for longer.
  7. Consider the price – more expensive papers tend to be of higher quality.
  8. Look for papers that are easy to erase – this will help you achieve the desired look.
  9. Look for papers that are easy to cut – this will help you create the exact shapes and sizes you need.
  10. Look for papers that are easy to frame – this will help you display your artwork in the best way possible.

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