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Top tips for buying Parachute

  1. Check the parachute’s certification. Make sure the parachute and its components have been certified by a reputable testing body such as the British Parachute Association.
  2. Get the right size. Choose a parachute that is the right size for your weight and the conditions you plan to jump in.
  3. Consider the deployment system. Make sure you understand the deployment system and that it is compatible with your type of jumps.
  4. Choose a reputable manufacturer. Look for a manufacturer with a good reputation and a long history of making quality parachutes.
  5. Research the material. Make sure the material is of a good quality and suitable for the conditions you will be jumping in.
  6. Read the reviews. Read reviews from other skydivers to get an idea of what other people think of the parachute.
  7. Ask questions. Ask questions to the seller to make sure you understand all the features of the parachute and how it works.
  8. Get a pack job. Have a qualified parachute packer pack your parachute for you for the best performance.
  9. Inspect the canopy. Make sure the canopy is in good condition and free from any tears or defects.
  10. Practice with the parachute. Once you have purchased the parachute, practice with it in a safe environment before taking it on a jump.

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