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An ultra-large, ultra-powerful smartphone that's also ultra-thin!
I love Chromecast, but the Ultra leaves me cold 3 Chromecast Ultra is a great 4K TV streamer, but you almost certainly shouldn't buy it – yet 10 Feb 2017 Accessories
Vodafone continues to release their own branded devices with the latest Smart Ultra 7 Android-powered smartphone.
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...tio of 16:9, and a screen resolution of 1920x1080. This makes picture detail sharper and more defined, especially during fast motion. 4K Ultra HD Ultra HD, also known as 4K, is a new class of high-definition resolution that offers unprecedented picture clarity and detail. Even close up,...
...e, and you get a nicer remote with touch-sensitive controls and a microphone for Siri voice commands. You can tell your Apple TV to do a wide variety of things, from "Open HBO Go" to "Find Walking Dead season four on Netflix" to "repeat what she just said." (Go here for a full list of f...
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