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  Given the choice, most people would probably buy separate machines for washing and drying their laundry. However, the living circumstances of many of us will mean that this is just not an option and washer/dryer combo mac...
What most people want from a washing machine is for it to be cheap and reliable. But is a cheap washing machine ever going to be the most reliable? You already know the answer! Th...
Simply the quietest washing machine we've ever tested
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Tumble dryers buying guide If you've a busy household or no garden, getting the washing dry in the colder months can be a problem. Tumble drying speeds up the laundry process and will leave fabrics soft and fluffy - and today's ma...
...d in a container, which must be removed and emptied regularly. On some models, excess water is pumped out using the washing machine plumbing where suitable. Heat pump tumble dryers use heat pump technology and are the most energy-efficient condenser dryers on the ma...
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