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The Nintendo Wii U continues the motion gaming that fans of the Wii are used to, while adding extra features using a new controller with its own touchscreen.
Nintendo transformed the gaming world when it introduced the Wii. At its heart is the wireless Wii remote and the motion-based gaming that results. 7 years later on, and despite the introduction of the Nintendo ...
...hich recently launched on Steam Early Access. And the review had already run into problems before that... So, now we finally present our review on Wii U digital launch title (and exclusive), the multiplayer-focussed Chasing Aurora.
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Knowledge Vault Technology news, reviews, guides & advice, written by our Agents Nintendo Wii U console buying guide 7 Nov 2012 Reviews Entertainment Gadgets Nintendo Hardware Thinking of buying a Nintendo Wii U console? Geek Squad is here ...
...ate the applications. Are older games compatible with new consoles? Some older generation games work with newer consoles, such as the Xbox 360 and Wii U. However, please check compatibility before purchasing. Can I play other media through the console? You may not just be looking for a gaming con...
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