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...ch recently launched on Steam Early Access. And the review had already run into problems before that... So, now we finally present our review on Wii U digital launch title (and exclusive), the multiplayer-focussed Chasing Aurora.
The Nintendo Wii U continues the motion gaming that fans of the Wii are used to, while adding extra features using a new controller with its own touchscreen.
Nintendo transformed the gaming world when it introduced the Wii. At its heart is the wireless Wii remote and the motion-based gaming that results. 7 years later on, and despite the introduction of the Nintendo ...
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Knowledge Vault Technology news, reviews, guides & advice, written by our Agents Nintendo Wii U console buying guide 7 Nov 2012 Reviews Entertainment Gadgets Nintendo Hardware Thinking of buying a Nintendo Wii U console? Geek Squad is here ...
...andheld consoles. Whichever one you choose, we can be sure you will enjoy hours of video game entertainment. Home entertainment systems Nintendo Wii - A console that allows the user to interact with the on-screen action simply by moving the wireless controller. Great fun for all the family. Pla...
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