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This week I have been able to sample the audio delights of bluetooth streaming with the Edifier MP211 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with NFC. This is a very nice wireless speaker solution for people looking for a mobile solution to playing their music qui...
With an attractive design, handy wireless hub and great sound quality, the £600 Wharfedale Diamond A1 are superb desktop speakers 8 Feb 2017
Naim Mu-So for Bentley: Ludicrously luxurious wireless audio 4 The ultimate luxury wireless speaker: Looks great, sounds wonderful, and it does everything you want it to 6 Feb 2017 Speakers
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...r playing that music, including using headphones, the tinny built-in speaker, a dedicated speaker dock, a standard Hi-Fi system or a wireless speaker. The latter option is becoming ever more popular as you can keep hold of your device and control music playback, while enjoying loude...
...ve our sites. If you continue, we'll assume that you're happy to accept our cookies. Find out more about cookies How to buy the best wireless or Bluetooth speaker By Ben Stockton Wi-fi or Bluetooth? Multi-room or portable? We're here to help you find your perfect wireless speaker to...
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